Enjoying a Bread-ful Christmas With an Oster Bread Maker

I would have published this earlier, but I was too busy enjoying my Christmas bread and all the other meals I made on Christmas day. I made more and more on the following days after Christmas up till this day, and food has been plentiful in my home as a result. There has been food for everyone, and there has been bread, lots of it.

While everyone was focusing on making Christmas recipes like potato gratin, honey-glazed ham, turkey breast, and more, my priority was to exercise my love for bread by making bread on Christmas day, even though I was still planning to make other types of food to offer a variety of options to my guests.

So, I placed an Oster Expressbake bread maker on my kitchen counter and set about making all the bread I intended to make. The model number of this particular bread maker that I used on Christmas day is CKSTBRTW20 and you can find it on Amazon here. It took me a good while to make a few loaves of bread, but I completed the task eventually. And then I made more bread on the next day and the day after it. Now, I’m tired of eating bread. I’ll be taking a bread for a while. In the meantime, let’s talk a bit about this bread maker.

This Oster bread maker is powered by a 650-watt motor with a maximum bread-making capacity of 2 pounds. It can make 1-pound bread, 1.5, and 2-pound loaves of bread, and you can have a 2-pound loaf of bread baked and ready to eat in less than an hour thanks to its Expressbake feature, which is one of the bread-making cycles available on the machine. There are 12 cycles in total to choose from to make bread, pizza, rolls, jam, and more.

I used the 13-hour delay timer feature to my advantage to get the process started early. By Christmas morning, I already had a loaf of bread ready, so I basically gave myself a head start by loading the ingredients for the first loaf into the bread maker on Christmas eve.

All the loaves of bread I made on Christmas day were all devoured within hours because they tasted so good (yes, I’m bragging) and I had to make an extra loaf which I ate at night. The 1-hour keep-warm feature in this Oster bread maker helped keep my loaf warm until I was ready to eat it. I ate it about 40 minutes after it was baked.

It was a wonderful Christmas for me, my family, and our guests – a wonderful bread-ful Christmas. I hope to have a similar one in a year’s time, with more guests and more loaves of bread. Click here to check out the Oster bread maker I used on Amazon.