Is the Amazon Basics Bread Maker Worth It?

So today I’ll be reviewing the Amazon Basics BM1349-UL-B bread machine – a bread machine that looks like a great option for anyone on  a budget, but may not actually be the best option if you have a bit more cash to spare. Amazon Basics, as you probably already know, is Amazon’s private label brand.

Amazon simply takes a look at their data and takes note of the best selling products across different categories, then buys those products and sticks their brand name on it. These products are usually budget products, and they are designed to fulfill basic, everyday needs.

The Amazon Basics BM1349-UL-B bread machine looks cheap. The moment you set your eyes on it, you’ll immediately notice it’s a cheap bread machine. I’m not knocking this machine, I’m just saying things as they are. That said, despite it’s cheap look, it could turn out to be the perfect bread machine for you because it has many of the features a good bread maker should have.

The first thing I noticed on this machine, aside from its budget look, is its viewing window. That’s always a nice feature to have, and even though it’s fairly cheap to implement and shouldn’t come as a surprise that a cheap bread maker possesses this feature, I still was happy to see that it’s there.

There’s an LCD display too with a fair number of buttons all on the panel, giving you easy access to all of the bread maker’s features. Amazon Basics offers you 14 different settings in this bread maker, which include basic, French, whole wheat, gluten-free, cake, yogurt, and many more. You also get to enjoy the expressbake feature if you purchase this machine. The expressbake feature reduces your baking time to 90 minutes or less.

There are 3 crust color options to choose from on the Amazon Basics bread maker – light, medium, dark. You can also choose between 1.5 and 2lb loaf sizes, whichever loaf size you need. This bread maker contains a 550-watt motor, giving it the capability to automatically mix, knead, rise, and bake fresh bread whenever you need it.

Since this is a budget bread maker, if you’ve ever used a mid-range or high-end bread maker, you’ll notice a few missing features, and that’s fine. This bread maker focuses on the basic utility of bread makers. If you need those extra features that come with more pricey bread makers, then this machine isn’t for you. However, if you simply want to make bread at home without any fancy features, this machine might be the right one for you.

Before I conclude this review, I’d like to let you know that this machine produces a little more noise than you’d like while kneading. It has rubber feet to prevent it from sliding off your countertop and it’s compact so it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. It is a good budget bread machine overall. Click here to check it out on Amazon.