KBS Bread Makers – What Does This Chinese Brand Have to Offer?

The third best-selling bread maker on Amazon is from the Kangbaishi stable. Kangbaishi is a Chinese manufacturer of electrical appliances and they are well known for their excellent bread makers. Kangbaishi is KBS for short and I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t be able to tell you what it stands for if you asked them. Hereafter, I will refer to them as KBS. 

KBS’ mission is to improve quality of life by providing individuals and families with the appliances they need to make awesome bread and other types of food at home using top talents and advanced technology. They are known for their excellent customer service as well, which is a huge plus for a manufacturer of electrical appliances.

KBS has a couple of bread makers on the market, but one of them stands out from the rest in terms of popularity, and that model is the MBF-010 bread maker. There are 3 other models on Amazon and they are all reviewed below, starting with the aforementioned model. 

Reviews of KBS Bread Makers

KBS MBF-010 17-in-1 Premium Bread Machine

As the third best-selling bread maker on Amazon at the time of writing this with over 5,000 customer ratings, the KBS MBF-010 is a machine anyone would be excited to read about and have a look at. It has a rectangular form and a special feature you won’t find in most bread makers – a digital touch panel. This means all of the buttons on its panel are touch buttons, so you just touch them like you use your smartphone and the machine does what you want. Even though pressing buttons isn’t a difficult thing to do, you can’t deny that touch buttons are amazing. They make the machine look sleeker, give you that premium feel we all savor, and save you a tiny bit of effort. 

This machine is capable of making 500g, 750g, and 1,000g loaves, which equate to 1 lb, 1.5 lb, and 2 lb loaves respectively. The loaf sizes are printed on the machine in pounds just above the display, while the LCD screen shows them in grams at the top of the screen just under the pound sizes, so you know what size in grams corresponds to what size in pounds. This bread maker has 17 settings, so you can make all the types of bread you want, and extra non-bread stuff. The settings are soft bread, sweet bread, French, natural sourdough, quick, sugar-free, whole-wheat, milky loaf, multigrain, cake, jam, bake, leaven dough, raw dough, gluten-free, ferment, and…wait for it…yogurt. Yes, you won’t just stop buying store-bought bread. You can stop buying store-bought yogurt too if you want once you have this machine in your possession. 

The baking pan in the KBS MBF-010 bread maker is a ceramic pan, and KBS chose this material for the bread pan because it promotes even baking and it doesn’t transfer any chemicals to your loaves. The pan is also a nonstick pan, so bread removal and cleaning is a breeze for users of this machine. It has an automatic fruit and nut dispenser that releases fruits, nuts, and other mix-ins at the right time so they are evenly distributed in your loaf. It’s 15-hour timer allows you to delay baking for up to 15 hours, compared to the 13 hours you find on most bread makers. There’s a 1-hour keep warm feature that keeps your loaf warm for an hour after it’s done baking and a 15-minute power backup feature as well that keeps the machine running if a power interruption occurs.

I’m sure you’d agree with me that fluffier loaves with thinner crusts and more even burn colors look and taste better, and this is the exact kind of loaf this machine makes thanks to its 360-degree surround baking feature. When heat is spread evenly and your loaf bakes from all sides, you get the best loaf possible out of your machine. 3 crust color options let you pick from medium, dark, and light crust colors, while the large viewing window precludes having to raise the lid to check on your loaf. You also get a couple of accessories with your purchase, such as a pair of kitchen gloves, a measuring cup/spoon, an oven mitt, and a hook. 

Customer Opinions

A machine that saves you a ton of time and that is also easy to use and clean is the perfect machine for you, and that is exactly what this bread maker is for Angela, one of the reviewers of this product on Amazon. She talked about how she can now make bread with just 10 minutes of work (which is spent on preparing and placing the ingredients in the machine) instead of spending hours doing so like she used to before she bought this machine. She uses this machine to make bread-making as convenient as possible by spending some minutes adding all the ingredients required into the machine just before she goes to work, and then returns home to a freshly baked loaf of bread ready to eat.

Another reviewer was skeptical at first because she was afraid that it wouldn’t work as well as KBS claims it would. However, she eventually took the plunge and got this machine and she’s been happy with her purchase ever since because it has a near-zero learning curve and has all the features she needs from a bread maker. She actually regrets not buying it earlier due to how wonderful it is. She went on to talk about how this machine has changed her life due to how easy it is to make bread now, and she loves it even more after using the delay timer feature and waking up to a perfectly baked loaf of bread in the morning, despite hurriedly adding the ingredients the previous night.

Another reviewer praised KBS for their excellent customer service and quick replies to questions and emails from customers. They decided to get this machine because they wanted a simple and inexpensive bread maker and it’s worked perfectly for months since they got it. They also made yogurt with it and it did a great job too. 

I’m absolutely sure that this machine will meet your needs if you’re looking for a feature-rich, yet simple and affordable bread maker to buy. KBS outdid themselves with this machine. 

KBS MBF-011 17-in-1 Bread Machine

The KBS MBF-011 is another top selling bread maker from KBS, and it has most of the features present in the MBF-010. It has the same design too and the exact same settings, touch buttons, and screen. On the surface, it’s like a duplicate of the MBF-010, save for the black color which differs from the stainless steel color of the aforementioned model, and the design of its handle, which is also dissimilar.

That said, there’s a notable addition to this model that is absent from the MBF-010 model. My first impression was it was just a newer version of the model reviewed above, but I also thought there had to be something different when I first took a look at it because it costs about $20 more than the MBF-010 model, so KBS had to be charging for something extra. 

That notable addition to the MBF-011 bread maker is double heaters or double heating tubes. The MBF-010 has just one heating tube which is enough to bake bread evenly and completely. However, the double heaters on the MBF-011 take heating up a notch for even better results than you get from the other model.

 The KBS MBF-011 bread maker has the exact same 17 programs on the model reviewed above, and light,medium, and dark crust color options. It also makes 1 lb, 1.5 lb, and 2 lb loaves of bread. It has a viewing window, automatic dispenser for nuts and fruits, anti-scald handles (as KBS calls it, which just means cool-touch handles), 15-minute power backup, plus 1-hour keep warm, and 15-hour delay timer.

In my opinion, the MBF-011 is worth the extra cash if you’re willing to spend it because it has this one extra feature that can help you make a little bit better bread at home. The double heaters make it a slightly better machine than the MBF-010 which has a single heater. Also, it has a black color, which some individuals might prefer to stainless steel. Some shoppers might also prefer the simpler design of its handle. If that’s you, then this is the right bread maker for you. Otherwise, consider getting the MBF-010 model instead and saving some bucks at the same time. 

Customer Opinions

The top review of this bread maker is from a reviewer that switched to this one after using a Toastmaster machine for almost 20 years. They’d stopped making bread at home for years, which means they’d stopped using it as well. When the pandemic began, they had to start using it again as a result of the movement restrictions/lockdowns and places shutting down. Their trusty machine stopped working after a week, which prompted them to get a new one, and the KBS MBF-011 is the bread maker they bought.

It’s made fantastic bread for this reviewer every single time they’ve used it, and they also mentioned the remarkable customer service KBS provides, citing the quick response they got within 24 hours of contacting KBS for a digital copy of the manual (which they like to keep as a backup). This reviewer was also confused by the similar-looking models of bread makers available from KBS. According to them, KBS’ explanation for this was that they’re constantly trying to improve their products.

Another reviewer gave this machine a 5-star rating like the first reviewer did, and referred to it as an excellent bread maker that makes soft bread with even colors. This reviewer also mentioned that this machine outdoes expensive bread makers. I’m not sure if this statement was founded on their previous experiences with expensive bread makers, but it seemed like they’ve used more expensive machines in the past and they were comparing the performance of this one to the performance of (one of) their previous machines.

The third top reviewer enthused over this KBS MBF-011 bread maker. In her opinion, it’s a reliable and intuitive machine. It’s so easy to use that even her kids can make bread for the whole family, and all it takes to do that is about 10 minutes of work (or less) putting the ingredients into the machine and selecting the requisite program options. 

Kangbaishi or Not? Your Choice

Not all the KBS bread makers available on the market are reviewed here. I felt they are too similar to each other to merit separate reviews. There are two other models available on Amazon that aren’t reviewed here – the MBF-010X and the MBF-016B. The MBF-010X was released in June, 5 days before the MBF-010 was released. There’s no obvious difference between both machines or I couldn’t find any (I don’t think there’s any). The MBF-016B model was listed on Amazon in June, 2021. It’s similar to the MBF-010, but this one has 19 programs, including a custom mode. KBS also replaced the customary touch buttons with physical buttons on the MBF-016B model. 

Now that you’ve read the reviews, check out these fantastic KBS bread machines and read more reviews from customers like you, then decide if they’re worth the money or not. If you ask me, they definitely are!