Sunbeam 5891 Programmable Bread Maker Review

Sunbeam is a manufacturer of kitchen products and other appliances and they’ve been doing this since 1910. It is an American brand whose first product was the Princess electric iron. Sunbeam has acquired a number of companies over the years since they launched and they continue to grow even to this day. Some of the appliances that they produce and sell include irons, steamers, hand mixers, and bread makers of course.

The Sunbeam 5891 bread maker is the top bread maker available from this brand and it is the model I am going to review in this article. It’s got more than 3,000 reviews on Amazon with a lot of 5 star reviews and an average rating of almost 4.5 stars, so it’s definitely worth checking out. 

Sunbeam 5891 Programmable Bread Maker Review

If you’re good at baking and your bread maker is a high quality one, the loaves of bread you make at home will be significantly better than the ones in stores. Even if you’re new to baking, you should be able to at least make loaves that are on par with those produced in commercial bakeries if you a have a good machine such as this one. According to Sunbeam, this bread maker is designed to produce artisan, bakery-style loaves of bread in an hour or less right in your kitchen so you never have to worry about having the perfect loaf for breakfast or dinner again.

It can make whole wheat sandwiches, Cinnamon raisin bread, buttery dinner rolls, and more so you can enjoy the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bread making using this machine is easy thanks to all of its useful features which make the process as seamless as possible. It’s LCD display shows you what stage the machine’s at during the process of getting your loaf ready and the settings it’s currently operating with. The 13-hour timer which comes standard on most bread makers gives you the option of delaying the bread making process for up to 13 hours into the future. 

Versatility is a word that accurately describes this machine. It offers you 12 settings for making dough, bread, cake, and jam, plus light, medium, and dark crust options to customize the crust color of your loaves. Jam, cake, sandwich, bake, and dough are some of the settings available to owners of this machine. The rest of the settings are basic, sweet, whole wheat, quick, French, and expressbake for 1.5 and 2 lb loaves. There are a couple of buttons on the front of this machine for navigating through the menus – up and down buttons, menu button, loaf size button, crust color button, and a start/stop button. It’s a simple and easy-to-use bread maker.

There’s a really large viewing window at the top of the machine that provides a view of your loaf whenever you want it without having to raise the lid. When your loaf is ready and out of the bread pan, you’ll find it easy to clean because it’s a nonstick bread pan and it’s removable too. If you need some recipes to get started, the instruction manual included with your purchase has a good amount of recipes to begin honing your bread-making skills at home.

This machine has a nice design by today’s standards, despite being on the market for more than 20 years. Yes, Sunbeam has been making and selling this bread maker for that long, yet it’s still a product I’d recommend because it’s so simple, easy-to-use, and possesses all of the basic features most users expect to see in bread makers today.

Customer Opinions

Imagine that you developed an egg allergy all of a sudden and buying store-bought bread was no longer an option for you, what would you do? You guessed right – make your own bread. This is the exact situation one of the reviewers of this bread maker on Amazon found himself in, so this reviewer had no choice but to buy a bread maker, and he chose this one. According to him, he loves bread more than any other type of food, and this was his first bread maker. As a first-time user of bread makers, they made the wise decision of getting a simple one to start with, and to practice with, and to learn, and to…you know what’s next. 

He described this machine as “extremely easy to use”, a quality I’ve already praised it for in my review above. He also mentioned that the instruction book is easy to use and understand. He’s made a lot of loaves using since he got it and he’s satisfied with the hot, fresh, and soft bread that this machine produces every single time. All he has to do is use the measuring cup and spoon included in the package to measure the amount of flour and other ingredients to add, and put them all in the machine, which takes about 10 minutes, and then wait for the machine to do the rest. He updated his review a year after posting the original to inform readers that his machine still works perfectly.

Stacy felt nothing but love for this machine as she narrated how she’d finally found a kitchen product that delivers on its promises, after wasting her money on many of them. Thanks to this bread maker, which she decided to try out on a Christmas morning (and which surprised her with its output to her greatest delight), she can now have her home filled with the wonderful aroma of fresh bread while awaiting her delicious loaf every single time she feels like eating bread. She was amazed at how easy it is to just dump all the ingredients into the machine and it produces a fresh, hot loaf of bread in a couple of hours, and even wake up to it if she likes by using the delay timer. 

Over to You

There are tons of wonderful reviews of this product and I urge you to check it out and decide if it’s for you or not. While most bread makers are great for beginners as using bread makers hardly requires any skill, the Sunbeam 5891 bread maker is fantastic for beginners and even seasoned bakers who aren’t looking for any fancy features and just want a bread maker that will consistently provide them with fresh loaves of bread with as little effort as possible.